This variety of fish, They are originally from the northern and central regions of South America, mostly coming from the River Plate, Rio Grande and Trinidad. Its most prominent morphological feature, is the presence on the body, an overlap of the bony plates, which extends to the head. loricariids son battleships fish frequenting muddy bottom streams, with decomposing organic matter. Show clear preference for aquatic vegetation areas invaded by, Y in the aquarium we must recreate their natural spaces, with good vegetation planted and a substrate based sand and peat. Water should be slightly acidic and soft, with temperatures between 22ºC and 26ºC. As for food, their diet consists mainly of green algae and tubifex. They are very peaceful and tolerant, They have no problems in sharing space in a community tank, even with larger species. Successfully breeding in the aquarium is possible, although there is too much data, This opens an important field of research for amateur aquarists.

Ancistrus dolichopterus

Bearded snout catfish It is a very quiet fish, what He lives at the bottom of the aquarium, and you can keep well in a community tank. Its natural habitats are rivers of fast course, with abundantly clear water and planted, so the aquarium has to try to play to the maximum habitat. It's about a fish with nocturnal habits, during the day will seek hiding places of refuge, and only we see at night or in dim lighting. See: Ancistrus dolichopterus

cleaner fish

Hypostomus plecostomus This fish is usually sold in pet shops, how  «Fish Cleaners'. It really is not the only fish to which can be attributed name, as there are many fish that feed on algae, They are receiving similar names. El Hypostomus plecostomus, It is originally from the Orinoco River, we can find in Guyana and Venezuela, in places with swift currents and clean. They are very tolerant fish, quiet and very easy to keep in a community aquarium. You just have to keep in mind, which they are nocturnal species, we'll see you out at night to eat. See: cleaner fish