Cleaning and maintenance of the Aquarium

For fish to be happy and healthy, always It is necessary to clean the aquarium and renew part of the aquarium water, at the least once a week. Poor maintenance of the aquarium can endanger the welfare of fish, causing all kinds of diseases. Although it is not difficult to learn the basic principles of hygiene in the aquarium, many people still do not know how they should proceed to clean the aquarium. For all those who have doubts, today I bring you this mini-tutorial that will teach in a practical way like cleaning an aquarium without harming the health of your fish.

Accessories for cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium

Clean water

As you know, the water quality of the aquarium It's very important, since it is the environment where fish live, breathe and dispose of their waste. Too, is the element which plants take many of their nutrients. In aquariums the amount of water is limited, therefore, it is essential that you maintain a good cleaning and make constant changes of water. Thanks to these constant changes, it is achieved that the waste does not accumulate excess. Even if the Aquarium filters They are responsible for removing much of the waste, some of them end up in the enviornment or under gravel, and even bacteria (essential for life in the aquarium) They are able to remove. The first thing to know the clean the aquarium is that It is not done with soap and water, as detergents or cleaning products are very toxic to fish. It is routine every week, or every ten days, you switch between 15% and the 25% of water from the aquarium, for dechlorinated water or detergents, to improve the quality of the average for fish. The amount of water and frequency change, It will depend on the type of aquarium fish, sometimes you need to make large water changes and sometimes it is better to change fewer. See this point before you get to the task.

Aquarian use a Sifonador

Surely you're wondering ¿Y how to sack the aquarium water? A glass ¿Con, a cube, one jarra⠀ |? If you use any of these items, you risk catch a fish. Do not worry, on the market can find some useful aparatejos, the sifonadores. A sifonador aquarium It is a very useful gadget, which can be manual or electric. Its operation is very easy: draws water from the aquarium at one end, and releases the other end. A sifonador the move by the bottom of the aquarium will absorbing particles deposited on the substrate, whether the fish feces and food debris, all with complete absence of risk to fish. If you had to put your hand inside the aquarium, seeks to have it very clean and free of soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes⠀ |todos are chemicals that harm fish.

Caution: Do not remove the fish from the aquarium

In the clean an aquarium must be remembered that Never remove the fish from the aquarium to change the water or clean up some of its elements. If you use a sifonador, You never have to directly touch the fish, nor any of the internal elements of the aquarium. Only fish are removed from the aquarium under very special circumstances, as they are ill. The reason is very simple, is stressful. If you stress the fish, you can get the opposite effect to the one you want when you want to clean the aquarium, rather than procure their welfare, to the ultimate you can provoke a disease.

Preparations Water

You know that ideally, the aquarium water must be free of chlorine and any chemical that is commonly used in treating water for home. To remove chlorine, let the water you introduce into the aquarium for a few hours rest, so that chlorine evaporate. You can also go through any filter, or make preparation usually do to raise or lower the pH, according to our aquarium fish. Many amateurs use reverse osmosis systems, to ensure a totally safe water. Be aware that the water you enter is not colder than the aquarium. The temperature of the aquarium water It is very important for fish, remember that they are cold-blooded animals. The water will gradually adding, to avoid creating currents that can move the bottom of the aquarium, the enviornment or somehow affect the fish or plants.

Clean the filter Aquarium

It is not convenient to wipe the filter and the tank at the same time clean the gravel and ornaments, since this will eliminate too many colonies of bacteria that are beneficial to fish. It is best that these two tasks intercales cleaning letting in the least two weeks between the two. One of best ways to clean the filter is following the instructions of the manufacturer, and whenever possible AC changes sponges and coal with other filtering means, to keep all bacteria. Washed with clean water and warm for biological filter media, balls or ceramic rings. For that you clean the hoses and brushes specifically designed nooks acquired for that task. It is routine that filter sponges are cleaned with water from the aquarium itself. All these precautions are to lose the least amount of bacteria.

¿Cómo crystals are cleaned from the aquarium?

Aquarium crystals They are cleaned regularly, or because you have to reset an aquarium full. Sia € |es true, sometimes you have to be new and begin the task of mounting an aquarium. The reasons are many, although the routine is that all the aquarium has contracted a disease that we could. In the case of having to start again, If the aquarium is large fully vacíale, not only water if not the entire substrate you can. If a very large aquarium, rule seeks to help take it to the place chosen for cleaning. As for the cleaning material crystals, use any soft pad or cloth, provided that it is inert, that is to say, that will not give off any materials or toxic substance, any used cloth. Recommendation, sponges are the most appropriate, since they are of a material inert, They are strong and manage to knock off the algae from the surface of the aquarium. If true, Algae are tedious but do not ensañes much with them, as it could scratch easily crystals, Likewise, avoided as much as possible to lift the aquarium stones, since this may scratch said crystals.

Clean the windows regularly

For routine cleaning of the aquarium glass, you can use the same materials as before: sponges, ... with caution rags that are free of any chemical. If we're going to put your hands inside the aquarium, you know, very clean and free cosmetics. It gives me a lot of walking grima putting his hand inside the aquarium, I prefer using them magnetic cleaners. In these cases you handle the sponge from outside the aquarium. Be careful not to get too close to the bottom of the aquarium, to avoid lifting stones or substrate and no fuss brown.

¿Cómo excess algae are removed from the aquarium?

The aquarium hobbyists have a constant struggle with algae. That's why we always have groundfish that handle much of the work: corydoras, ancistrus… Algae appear if or if, even if their presence is more evident when the aquarium there too much light or little water. Get rid of much of the algae that stick to the glass, with clean algae scraper for glass. The ornaments are very attacked, you must get them to clean them with a brush. If you look at the ornaments are very dirty to the stones like the aquarium, immerse in water with 10% bleach, but do not forget to rinse them well and let them dry before re-introduce them into the aquarium. Lye is as chlorine in the tap water, just evaporating.

Tips for Maintaining and cleaning the Aquarium

For maintain a stable and clean aquatic environment, you should follow these recommendations will certainly help your fish:

  • Do not change over the 40 % of water from the aquarium at a time
  • Not completely empty the tank to clean it, unless reset
  • To avoid damaging the bacterial colonies, changes half of the filter materials of your time filter
  • Never use soap or detergent to clean an aquarium
  • It limits the number of times you enter hands in water
  • Uses a sifonador aquarium to clean debris trapped in the gravel
  • Visually routinely monitors water aquarium