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Java Fern

  • Scientific name: Microsorum pteropus
  • Common name: Java Fern
  • Temperature: Between 18 ° C and 30 ° C
  • pH: Among 5.zero and 8.0
  • Difficulty level: Easy care
  • Increase, height: Until 35 cms.


Java fern (Microsorum pteropus), It is as its name suggests, a fern family of Microsorum. This fern is marketed under several different types of leaves, narrow leaf, sheet needle, sheet Windeløv, leaf spear and trident. We can find Java ferns lot of aquariums, for reasons that are simple enough, like what They are very easy plants to grow, They grow without paying much attention, and its growth is not excessive, so we should not worry about the end of invading the aquarium. It grows in height, it is not uncommon plants that can measure up 35 centimeters high, so it is often used to fund the aquarium, to provide a green screen, that contributes to the overall naturalness.


Java fern can be divided into three distinct parts, leaves, its roots and rhizome. Popular striking feature of this plant are leaves, bright green light, although it is possible to find copies of shades darker. The color of some leaves takes some brown shade, when the plant is in reproductive phase, but it also happens that Some leaves may refer brown spots, caused by necrosis, when they get older. In these cases, it is best to remove those leaves that disfigure the plant, as it recovers easily and soon again take new leaves, which can grow taller and more vigorously than before. The recurring leaf shape is elongated, width (until 5 centimeters) flat, with a clear midrib. Lance shaped, so it has lance-shaped leaves cube. Java fern It has a rhizome which sprout leaves. This consists rhizome root false acting as anchor of the plant to the substrate, and real estate. They are apparently equal, except that real estate have trichomes, a pilosity that traces roots, while false, whose sole task fix the plant, They do not have this villus. The roots do not have the mission to transport nutrients to the leaves, as in most plants, its mission is to serve only holding the plant, absorbing nutrients through the leaves. A copy size ranges from eight centimeters wide to the 50 centimeters, with a height that can reach 35 centimeters.

Distribution and habitat

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The fact Java It can be found on the island of the same name, and in Malaysia, Thailand and certain regions of China. This wide geographical distribution, It is providing the different types of leaves, size and shape. In natural state, their roots are attached to the rocks and can grow whole or partially submerged.

It is not a plant carrying rather than bury its roots, its rhizome should grow attached to a trunk or the surface of a rock, but if we plant, we must ensure that only partially. curiously, when we are looking at an aquarium with a high density of fish, the growth is more lush Microsorum pteropus, due to the amount of nutrients from waste fish. Some aquarists typically use fertilizer with trace amounts of iron, to prevent their leaves to turn yellow. Curiously and example of the hardness of this plant, It grows without adding CO2.


Another reason for the success of Java fern, It is how easy it is reproduction. With a single fern, You can have plants for years, so that the closing is very, very economical. In nature it could reproduce by spores airborne, remember that you can live like plant partially covered with water. But this option is very rare in nature itself, and the aquarium is unfeasible. The way most recurring is dividing the creeping rhizome, that grows wide and the sprouting new leaves as it grows. Another way, using less, but it is feasible, it is obtaining small plants from pruning leaves. Would be to cut the top of the sheet, and sow in the substrate.

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Java fern leaf trident

  • Java fern Trident
  • microsorum pteropus Trident
  • Aquarium plant
  • A rhizome with leaves 6 – 7


The ease with which Java fern grows, makes it a plant suitable for starting aquarists. Perhaps the only caution to keep in mind is not completely cover the rhizome, and though rare look (for those beginning), it is best to tie him to a stone or a tree and hope that adheres to its roots false. As this is a major plant, with a good vertical growth, It is recommended to put on the bottom of the aquarium.

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