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Gobio Arcoíris

  • Scientific name: Sthiphodon furniture
  • Common name: Gobio arcoíris
  • Size of the aquarium: eighty litros
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 20 and 28 ° C
  • pH: Between 6.5 Y 7.5
  • Diet: herbivorous
  • Length: 7 cms


Goby arcoíris, Sthiphodon furniture, is a true antialgas warrior, at the least it is and is recognized among fans aquarists. Family of gobies or Gobiidae, is a fish very curiosoâ € |¿Sabes because it is called arcoíris?, it is not because I have many colors at once on your body, It is the ability to change color quickly, besides adopting, different colorations. They are fish that have recently arrived on the market and still there is confusion, especially among different varieties of Sthiphodon, they are just easy to differentiate by aquarists with much experience and knowledge about this variety of fish.


Gobies arcoíris typically measure about 7 centimeters in length. Its main characteristic morphological, is that the ventral fins are welded, forming a suction pad which serves to set the substrate. While, the first dorsal fin is blunted, con three a 5 spines elongated in males. Second dorsal, has 9 rays soft. It is difficult to distinguish males from females, even if the females, in some varieties they have a white patch behind the base of the pectoral fin, which it is absent in males. Other sexual dimorphism, is that Females usually have a paler color, with two lateral stripes on the body. The color varies from light green to dark brown, with flakes with dark edges, Nevertheless, They are able to change color quickly, responding to your mood, such as stress or excitement. If you feel he stressed, You can blanch so appreciable and scales of her body in black ribetean, while the fins show irregular rows of black markings. His name Goby arcoíris, you may have as source these color changes, in response to certain stimuli. La cara del Stiphodon furniture, can be orange-gold color, up of a blue shade alive.

Distribution and habitat

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Goby arcoíris only it is known to inhabit in the provinces of Aceh and West Sumatra, e en Sumatra Indonesia, Sumatra being the main source of stiphodon ornatus aquarium, where they are caught in their natural environment. This fact, concerns some environmental advocates, who care about these varieties, that they are endemic to some specific places of the planet. Goby arcoíris, He lives in slow currents of coastal rivers, with substrates bedrock and boulders, with little vegetation. Generally they are very clear waters, well oxygenated, where the tropical sun promotes the growth of algae, their main source of food.

Aquarium conditions

Recommended aquarium size is about 80 liters, although according to the experience of some aquarists, They may be perfect in an aquarium smaller. It is obvious, what the size of the aquarium depends on the species of fish, and the amount of these that we will have. Water temperature must be between 20C and 28C, with a pH between 6.5 Y 7.5, and a hardness of between 2 12º y DGH. The aquarium must be conditioned with fondo writes the enviornment, Another option is to make a mixture of the two, where to install a layer of smooth rocks and pebbles of different sizes. The idea is to provide a place to move the background, what are fans, but also places where they can take refuge. Not that there's much vegetation recurring in its unique habitat, however in our aquarium They may include aquatic plants, that they will provide additional shelter, in addition to promoting the growth of algae, their main food. For this reason, It is not a good idea to add Gobies arcoíris in an immature aquarium, where they have not yet proliferated enough algae. The quality of water is important, for which we must maintain good oxygenation at all times, We recommend using a good-sized filter.


EL array Stiphodon is primarily herbivorous, It feeds on benthic algae and microorganisms associated. For proportional power required, You can use all sorts of tricks, such as having a separate aquarium, in which flat stones break in and where allowed to appear algae, then change to the aquarium occupied by gobies arcoíris. Nevertheless, in the aquarium they will also accept flakes, Red worms live or frozen, that they should be offered to them sometimes, not cause intestinal problems.

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Behavior and compatibility

They are peaceful fish, little territorial. To keep several males in the same aquarium, we must have enough space, even create small physical barriers to reduce the risk of aggression. As for varieties with which they can share space, You can use small Danios, They are occupying different areas of the aquarium and avoid fish larger than themselves, as well as those who occupy the bottom of the aquarium, space in which they are comfortable. Another option, it is Add some species more than Gobies, with which they share space with no problems.


courtship patterns and habits of the goby known ornatus, Nevertheless, so far not been able to breed in captivity. One of the possible reasons, It is that reproduction is anfícrona. Adults live and reproduce in freshwater, but when the larvae hatch, They are dragged down to the sea current, where they spend their first states, developing in conditions of seawater.


The variety of stiphodon more commercialized is the ornatus, even if there is some confusion between different Stiphodones: atratus, imperiorientis, martenstyni, pelewensis, pretty, weberiâ € |lo which may give rise to go to buy a variety, and actually take you to another home. This is due primarily, the little information yet available, on colorations and morphological differences between species.

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