gobies, gobies, Gobiidae


The gobies, Gobies or family Gobiidae, Fish are usually used in Fresh water aquariums coming from coastal rivers, although the family of these fish covers species of tropical and subtropical waters. In our aquariums, There are some species of gobies that have gained popularity, for their benefits associated with the maintenance of the aquarium: son large cleaner fish, devouring all kinds of algae and other fish ectoparasites.


Its size ranges between the 10 centimeters smaller species, until the 50 centimeters larger. The family of gobies is quite curious in morphology. Their ventral fins are attached, forming a sucker allowing these fish, fixed on the substrate to withstand all kinds of currents. We can then find morphological characteristics, which they are present in some species and not others, despite being of the same family, as the presence of backbone (in some and not others) or protruding chins.

Distribution and habitat

Which usually inhabit waters are brackish greater or lesser degree, as Some species come directly from sea, and others of the mouths of rivers. It is easy to find in coastal shallows, coral reef, but also in some rivers, near the mouth of the sea, water currents in short. Habitat temperatures ranging from 20º and 28º, with an alkaline pH above 7, and hard water, slightly briny.


As we have seen, the quantity and variety of the species, It also offers a good variety of ways to feed. They are mostly carnivorous species, feeding on small invertebrates, that capture thanks to its ease of surprise, because usually camouflaged perfectly with the background that inhabit. Nevertheless, we can find species, how the rainbow goby, which mainly feeds on green algae.


Although there have been observations of the behavior and reproduction of gobies, Captive is very difficult to achieve. One reason is precisely the duality of these fish, living halfway rivers and the sea. Some species lay their eggs in rivers, which then hatch into the sea, under circumstances entirely different, difficult to reproduce in the aquarium. This is one reason why these fish, come mostly media freedom and, It is one of the reasons why we are launching alarms (on some species) about the risk of entering endangered.

Varieties of gobies

Some of the gobies or gobies most popular aquariums, They are those that are easier to maintain in a freshwater aquarium. Among the most demanded by aquarists have:

Gobio arcoíris

Stiphodon furniture A native of Sumatra and Indonesia, It is a fish that lives almost exclusively on short river flows, usually waterfalls or cataracts. Highly demanded in aquariums for your diet, based on algae of all kinds, what eliminates having to be limited to Loricáridos, to perform the task cleaner. They are fish that can be kept in a community aquarium without major problems, except for choosing the correct combinations of species.

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Avispa goby

Brachygobius Xanthozona Goby fish Avipa or Avispa, It is a native fish in Southeast Asia, that can live either in fresh or brackish waters ... although like more of the latter. His name Pez Avispa owes its peculiar yellow color, vertical stripes or black shade rings, what closely resembles wasps. They are very small fish, quiet, although in the aquarium they have a territorial behavior.

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