The Gasteropelécidos or hatchetfish, They are native to South America. His vulgar name has to do with the original shape of your body, reminiscent of an ax. Nature is capricious and adapted to the habitat of the fish forms, as with the Mormíridos (elephant fish). Have a body compressed laterally, with a parallel back and chest area bulged shaped ax, what It allows you to jump out of the water and get to plan thanks to their pectoral fins. Pectoral fins have very well developed muscles, They are able to handle very quickly to rise above the water, traveling long distances so. Within the family of gasteropelécidos, We can distinguish three different genres:

  • Carnegiella
  • Gasteropelecus
  • Toracocharax

Gasteropelécidos varieties (hatchet fish)

They are especially fish adapted to live near the surface of the water. Instead preferred are rivers with moderate currents of water, where they live sheltered in nearby vegetation on the shore. In the most common of all aquariums is fish ax or hatchet fish marble marbling (Carnegiella called out). Other varieties that can also be found on sale aquarium are:

  • Fish transparent ax (Carnegiella myersi)
  • Pechona common (Gasteropelecus sternicula)
  • Hatchetfish speckle (Gasteropelecus maculatus)

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