Sea stars

  • scientific name: Asteroideos or asteroid
  • Common name: Sea stars
  • Size of the aquarium: 400 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: 22ºC a 25ºC
  • pH: eight.2
  • Diet: Carní­voras, € micrófagasâ |
  • Length: Between 10 Y 40 centí­metros

Description: ÀWhat it is a starfish?

The Starfish or asteroideos, They are a well-known marine creatures worldwide, and although some think they are fishes live at sea, actually They belong to the family of the echinoderms, of which also includes sea urchins and sea cucumbers. there are a 2.000 species of starfish, although very few species that breed in aquarium, because they are quite delicate to maintain. The most common of all species of starfish aquarium are Linckia laevigata which has very showy colorations, blue, red or purple.


When we think of sea stars, logically, imagine stars with five arms, what is called symmetry pentarradial⠀ | And it is that most starfish have a flattened body, consists of a central disk and five arms, why they are called  "stars" sea. As a curiosity, to the last of his arms have a simple eyes that serve to detect light, darkness and movement around. The skin of the starfish is calcified, have plates called ossicles into granules or spines, forming the endoskeleton. Its coloration is most diverse, sometimes they are seeking camouflage and sometimes coloration is a way to deter possible predators. The truth is that we can find starfish blue colors, rojos⠀ | Some specimens not only use mimicry as a protection, also with stinging substances to protect. If they lose part or any of your arms, They have the ability to auto regenerate.

¿Cómo the moving sea stars?

The way in which the stars move sea is as authentic as themselves. Your arms have called street a few feet, which are full of suckers that work as a lever, and it allows them to move on all surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical. Actuates's feet thanks to a curious circulatory system, since no blood flows through them, but seawater. The address is set by deciding that the arm is directed. If you want to change direction, Just change management arm.

Types of starfish

In the world They are recorded a 2.000 different species of sea stars, They are covering all the seas and oceans of the world, tropical waters from those with much lower temperatures. Most varieties of starfish have five arms, why they are called stars, but can be found species with ten, twenty, even fifty arms, as the spectacular Labidiaster Annulatus He is living in Antarctica.

Distribution and habitat

Starfish, As its name, it is only possible to find in the sea or ocean, some units can even survive in brackish waters, but there is starfish freshwater. Most species of sea stars They originate in the í ndico and Pacific oceans ??, rich in its diversity, with tropical and temperate zones, which they are ideal environments for most starfish. They can be found in all types of habitats, since Coral reefs, funds Rock, barro, records arena, even living with seaweed and deep water funds, with very limited illumination.

Aquarium conditions

The Aquarium conditions so that the starfish are perfect, may vary from species to species. Their acclimatization requires that we try to play the maximum aquarium which come, as sudden changes in density affects them greatly. As mean values, a marine aquarium in good condition for the starfish should have the following conditions:

  • Temperature between 22ºC and 25ºC
  • pH 8.2
  • Density of water between 1.020 Y 1.026

Diet ¿De what the stars eat sea?

If you're wondering, ÀWhat eating starfish?, I'll tell you what the diet of the starfish is so broad, They exist as different species. Así­, we can find starfish:

  • predatory, that they eat mostly fish or shellfish very slow.
  • Detrití­voras, feeding of animals or decaying vegetable matter.
  • Micrófagas, They are seeking their food plankton and organic particles in suspension.

In the aquarium they are usually fed them with mussels, pieces of fish or shrimp, usually but usually they adapt well to changing supply.

Behavior and compatibility

They are animals in the aquarium They have no problem sharing spaces, obviously not generally compete with other marine fish, but they can be a problem for certain molluscs, shrimp or snails. So we will not have problems with them into a marine aquarium, provided that the conditions are suitable and, they can feed smoothly.

Playing starfish

Starfish you can reproduce sexually and asexually, although in the aquarium it is quite complicated to get. We species in which there are males and females, although it is almost impossible to tell them apart, only we know when spawning begins. But also There simultaneous hermaphroditic species, or whether they have eggs and sperm at the same Weather € |y there are also some species of starfish, What are they sequential hermaphrodites, so born males and females become. conclusion, if we play starfish in the aquarium, we must first inform good of the species we have, and what are their conditions of sexual reproduction. Another form of reproduction is asexual, although I would not put into practice, unless either spontaneously. This form of reproduction occurs when part of the body of the starfish is separated, either an arm or division their central disks. Depending on the species also we have all, from species that just 1 centimeter are able to reproduce, while others require that part of the central disc part of the split.

Pictures of starfish

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