Marine shellfish

Marine crustaceans They are within marine invertebrates, we can include in an aquarium that reproduces faithfully a coral biotope. Not only we can introduce tropical fish, also anemones, crustaceans and all the decoration needed, to create the feeling of being under the sea. The variety of crustaceans that can be incorporated, without being as wide as the variety of Marine fish, They are sufficient to generating feeling of naturalness. Although shellfish are simple to care, It is wise to choose varieties that do not harm anemones, corals and other fish that inhabit the aquariumâ € |ya know, compatibilities must be taken into account interspecies. Also keep in mind that They have their own needs. They shellfish change their exoskeleton periodically, and to the aquarium conditions are correct, we must keep the water in the best conditions calcium, hardness, temperature and nitrates do not exceed acceptable levels. Shellfish, the most popular are the prawns and shrimp. Some are particularly sought after for their benefits within the aquarium, like cleaner shrimp, very useful because they feed on the fish parasites.

cleaner shrimp

Lysmata amboinensis The shrimp or shrimp cleaners They are arriving in Spain, They come mostly from Sri Lanka or Mauritius. Usually they occupy a fixed space within the aquarium, and other fish are approaching the cleaner shrimp, to request them to clean their heads, mouth and chest, parasites that often have. Its growth is rapid, and its half-life may be located in the three years, provided that before not being devoured by one of the fish aquarium. They live in small groups in rocky outcrops, and do not show any aggression. Fiddler crab

High tangeri Fiddler crab Uca tangeri the, It is a kind of crustacean originating in the Eastern Atlantic. They are easy to distinguish because males have a hypertrophied clamp, which makes them amazing and unique. It is a quiet kind, suitable for an aquarium invertebrates, although the characteristics of the biotope, It is difficult to mix with fish.