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A bronze corydoras

  • Scientific name: corydoras bronze
  • Common name: bronze Corydoras, Bronze cat fish, cleaner tanning
  • Size of the aquarium: 80 liters
  • Temperament: Very calm
  • Temperature: 22ºC a 25ºC
  • pH: 6 a 7,5
  • Diet: omnivores
  • Length: 7 cms


The A bronze corydoras, Bronze Corydoras catfish or Bronze, They belong to the group of Callíctidos. This is one of the most appreciated Corydoras in the aquarium hobby because It is a very social issue, suitable for small aquariums or large. Its strength is proven, They are undemanding in terms of the quality of water, except for Excessively acidic water. They maintain good activity within the aquarium, This raises interest and generates attractive.


In the aquarium we can find that specimens usually measure between four inches and 7 cm long. The body of the Coydoras aeneus is devoid of scales, instead it has a double row overlapping Boneplate, They are covering his whole body. Section is triangular, flattened in the stomach and a back part slightly cambered. Behind the dorsal fin, We find a common adipose fin in the family of Corydoras. In the first radius pectoral fin-shaped spine. The pectoral fin is transformed to transport eggs during commissioning. His head is short and compact, with relatively large eyes and mobile. In the mouth, fairly close, we can find three pairs of barbells in his lower jaw, with which removes the bottom of the aquarium without stopping. Like all Callíctidos, They are able to breathe out of water, allowing them to live in poor water highly contaminated and oxygen. Rise to the surface of the aquarium, where an air bubble swallow. Within the digestive tract gas exchange occurs, passing oxygen to your blood system.


As its common name suggests, the ordinary color of bronze Corydoras is the coppery, with pink tones in the belly of the specimens. A side has a wide strip of black shade, with metallic luster green coloration. In the fish shops albinos specimens can be found, selectively bred. Others are dyed synthetic form, which is quite merciless. To achieve these artificial colorings, artificial inks are injected under the outer plates of the fish. Eventually these inks remaining defenses to Corydoras against possible diseases. It is a very ordinary practice, but that should not be allowed. If you go to a store and find fish handled, should not buy.

sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism (gender gap) It is evident if we observe the dorsal fin, which is quite pointed in the male of the Bronze Corydoras and rounded in females. Males are also more elongated, thin and smaller than females.

Distribution and habitat

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They are fish that They can be found free on the island of Trinidad, in rivers and streams within quick and clean waters. Although there is some doubt that they are exactly the same variety of fish, it is accepted that the Bronze Corydoras are also present in much of South America, from Trinidad, Colombia, up to the Rio de la Plata, on its border with Uruguay and Argentina.

Aquarium conditions

They can breed both in a small aquarium, and larger community aquariums. As minimum, we should have an aquarium 70 a eighty litros. As for the quality of the water:

Like the aquarium has vegetation and which has a sandy bottom. They must provide shelters rocks or caves. As they tend to remove the substrate of the aquarium, should avoid small leaf plants.


Your diet should include small dams, how worms, worms, Tubifex or bloodworms. Ideally they should provide living, but they will also eat without any problem if they are frozen. They eat all, are omnivorous. Allowed commercial foods, to be pills type for groundfish, where they spend most of the time.


They are very sociable fish and although They are not particularly gregarious, They appreciate the presence of their peers. It is generally recommended to introduce a small shoal in the aquarium of about six copies. This got so are quieter, do not be so shy and more sociable display.

Parts compatible with Bronze Corydoras

They can share space with other species: characids, ciprínidos Y American cichlids.


While playback is not exactly easy, some fans have been successful. If we want to try Bronze Corydoras play in the aquarium, we must consider:

  • To have a ratio of less two males for every female.
  • Where it is evident that females bearing eggs, It should be changed between 50% and the 70% of water from the aquarium, with cooler water.
  • It should also increase oxygenation and flow water tank (We should have a Aquarium filter with flow). This process water change should be repeated until spawning occurs.
  • Females deposited between three and 6 eggs between their pelvic fins, to be fertilized by males.
  • The eggs are placed under adhesives and sheets, or on the walls of the aquarium.
  • Once spawning occurred, adults should be separated from eggs.
  • Ideally eggs had an aquarium nano insulation, where we maintain the same conditions (well oxygenated). It should be filled with water from the aquarium spawning.
  • In the first moment eggs are fragile, but when they pass a 30 minutes become hard and resistant.
  • After three or four days begin to break their eggs fry.

When they have fully absorbed their yolk sacs, they should be fed small live food such as Artemia nauplii. If we do not have or is complicated, Crumbled accept very dry breath.

aeneus Corydoras photo

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