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REX rabbit

  • Name: rabbit Rex
  • Size: Big
  • Weight: Entre 3kg y four.5kg
  • Life expectancy: 5 a 6 years
  • Temperament: tanquilo, affectionate and playful

Rabbit Rex It is considered one of the best to be adopted as a pet, for his great intelligence, affective and sociable character. They are perfect for living with children. They are not a race of rabbits who need special care, at the least not very different from the one that we must provide to any other domestic rabbit.


The first news we have of Rex rabbit are on 1.920 in France (Louché-Pringe). It seems that the origin of this race would be in a litter of wild rabbits gray, who suffered a mutation why his hair has a single layer at the same height, offering a velvety appearance and has provided world-famous. Race officially he presented at 1924, during the celebration of the international exhibition of rabbits in Paris. That same year was presented in US for rabbit breeders John and Alfred Zimmerman C.Fehr. Shortly after It was accepted by the American Rabbit BreedrÂ's Affiliation (OR).

Features Rex rabbit breed

Among the morphological characteristics of Rex rabbit, what is striking is its fur. Hair Rex rabbit has a very soft texture different from the other races, the result of a genetic mutation present in this breed of rabbits. His name Rex has to do with your hair and the responsible gene texture. In most rabbits hair is composed of two layers, shorter lower and another elongated. In the Rex does not happen, all hairs have the same height, generating a feeling of touching velvet, like a bear. These are the morphological characteristics that distinguish a Rex:

  • It is a rabbit medium-large. Adult can weigh between 3 Y 4.5 kg.
  • They have a muscular and solid body, rounded and short legs, straight and strong.
  • His head is broad, very close to the body and ears pricked you.
  • The hair is short, dense and velvety.

Its enormous popularity has led to crosses and mutations to create smaller breeds: Dwarf rabbit Rex or mini Rex.


La OR accepted the 16 different colors of Rex rabbits: White, Mimalayan, Tortoise, Chinchilla, Blue, Seal, Opal, Lynx, Chocolate, Crimson, Broken, Lilac, Black…


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Care needed by Rex rabbits are no different from those who must give any other self rabbit:

  • should not bathe, If you need to wipe because it is dirty, You must pass a damp cloth.
  • Your diet should be high in fiber, where hay has to be the main food. You should not be lacking fresh water at any time.
  • It is ordinary that feed the Rex has lots of protein, While it is not as important to other races. The reason is to keep their fur attractive.
  • The cage should be spacious, with the smooth floor to prevent leg disorders, those who are quite likely.


The diet of rabbits Rex It does not differ too much from other home rabbits. The main contribution of food should always be the hay, in proportion should be as 70% what to eat on a rabbit. The rabbit chow It must be age-appropriate. We can search feed with higher proportion of alfalfa, so that the ratio of protein to take a little higher than in other races, to keep their coat shiny. Another option is occasionally provide an extra ration of alfalfa hay. Never overdo alfalfa, and that eventually can cause digestive problems.


If you want your rabbit Rex good health, You should not keep all day locked up in his cage, you let him out every day and as much as possible to move. Remember they are very sociable, are delighted that play with them, the acariciesâ € |obviamente have to get used to your presence. Like most rabbits have a tendency to bite all. Try to close them there is nothing that could harm them: electric cables, cords of a zapatillasâ € | usually you might check your teeth do not grow excessively. With a proper diet based on hay should not happen, but when in doubt it is best to go to the vet.

¿Cuánto worth a rabbit Rex? Where to buy

It is possible that you intend to buy a rabbit Rex. You can find them in specialty stores, although there are always sellers online disreputable sites. My recommendation is that if you can not buy from a breeder. If you go to a breeder you can meet the parents of your bunny, and you a concept of how to be adult. Prices of Rex rabbit vary depending on where you buy. In a pet shop, Rex rabbit will cost about 35â,¬, If you go to a breeder you can reach 50â,¬.

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