A pond talking, your imagination can take you to these ponds you saw ducks in the public gardens, or perhaps those wonderful fish ponds cold water (also huge) you've seen in the courtyard of some Andalusian palace. The truth, what a pond can be reduced to such a humble space as a large pot or barrel halved. I agree that they are not the same. Space is only a limitation on the size, but not to the imagination. You can have a small space, and create a wonderful pond with plants, fishes, € rocasa | ¿¿¿y why not??? Even a small waterfall with a bomb.

Styles Pond

Historically two types of styles can pond:

  • formal ponds Ponds are defined geometric shapes, where the decoration is usually very sober. Usually they capped by a source or a statue.
  • informal ponds Informal ponds do not follow predefined rules. In creating an informal pond the biggest challenge is to be incorporated into the garden decoration, looking for a Pure appearance as possible.

Planning a pond

Once decided the style we want to have the pond, we must begin to refine details, how location or the materials used, if you will plants, pecesâ € |todos these details are important, for then providing the necessary materials to get down to work.

Location of the pond in the garden

The site chosen for the pond is very important, You must have the maximum possible hours of light, and aquatic plants are not able to survive in the shade. A pond with plants It should not be placed near trees, which may cast their shadows on or, if they are deciduous trees leaf, its leaves end up in the pond rotting and causing changes in water.

Size of the pond

The size of the pond depends on the available space in the garden. You can create ponds of all types, even It is possible to have a small pond on a terrace, using a pot for construcciónâ € |todo is a question of space and imagination. For a typical garden pond, it is important to know that There is a strong relationship between the size of the pond and its depth, It is easier to maintain the biological balance in a pool of good size, that one small. If our intention is to create a pond up 2 meters in diameter, supreme depth is in 60-70 centimeters. A good idea is to have different depths within the pond, the edge being the shallowest part, to gradually increase toward the center, so that we can have different types of pond plants, with different needs. A fact, is that during the winter the temperature of the bottom of the pond remains stable, while the surface can be frozen. Many fish and plants, in a pond deep enough, use this area to survive.

Prefabricated pond or pond home

In the market there are a number of materials that allow us to be creative in building the pond, making the design is totally private. If we have the whim of our pond design is completely our, we will have to cover the bottom with a PVC membrane. Also exist precast or prefabricated pools PVC, which they are very simple to install. We just have to make the hole in the ground adapted to the design. The advantage of prefabricated pools is that water leakage is almost impossible.

Decoration of the pond and top end

Once you have attached the pond in the garden, are end caps. The most important is hide the synthetic material of the pond, We will need endings non-plant, how stones, logs, bricks or if we go to the most modern, a wooden deck, that can help us install some chairs or a table near the pond.

Fish Pond

One of the best decisions we can make, it is Add fish to the pond. There are many reasons, how hold off insects or fish pose help to maintain the fragile ecosystem, which it is a pond. In any case, If you decide to put fish in your pond, you should know that ideals are called fish cold water, especially suitable to withstand cold temperatures of the outside, even when the surface of the pond can freeze during winter, they will be dormant underwater. These are the best fish pond: