Best Food for aquarium fish

Feed our pets, providing food for aquarium fish right, It is one of the big concerns we have all, either cat food, Dog Food or fish. The challenge is in getting adequate food, so that the health of the fish is not altered because of food. well fed fish, It is a healthy fish and you will have no problems inside the aquarium. We must be clear that we have fish in the aquarium, They have different backgrounds and I do not just mean its origin in nature, which can also affect their diet. While a few fish (more commercial and easy to obtain in captivity) They come from hatcheries and are used to being fed food prepared, others come directly from nature, where they get a completely different diet to which we can offer them. To provide the correct power, we must know their habitat of origin and what they eat free. Not the same feed cold water fish, tropical, marine fish or groundfish, each have a different feed. Depending on the habitat we have recreated in the aquarium, it may be the case we have fish with different eating habits and should be treated differently. It is our responsibility to know their needs and provide them with the necessary nutrients.

ÀWhat food for aquarium fish Buy? Best fish meal money

Different types of fish feed

In the market various types of fish food already they prepared and we do not have to occupy. Nevertheless, if we have time and want, there are some recipes for fish food home we can make. We can distinguish five different types of fish food:

live food

The typical live food for aquarium fish is composed of daphina or artemias (small crustaceans), bloodworms, shrimp and tubifex (small worms). is sold kits with fertile eggs Artemia, to make a brine shrimp hatchery at home and always have live food available to our fish.

freeze-dried foods

Many of the live foods are not readily available, but yes They are at our disposal Lyophilized, drying technique by not lose their nutrients and fish are equally delicious.

  • Free of parasites and pathogens
  • Excellent complement of protein for your aquarium fish

dry food

Dry foods are most commonly used, in any of its versions, flakes, flakes or granules. Its composition varies depending on the fish species to which it is addressed, including All kind of aliment, as algae or shellfish for carnivorous species. The big advantage is that often enriched and They are the supreme complement to a balanced diet, in which to include live and fresh foods.

fresh food, but I do not live

Some fish are grateful to be included in your small diet pieces of mussels, prawns, fishes, even chicken or viscera of animals. It should not be the basis of food, and you have to be careful about what food use, as they have in the aquarium species. Too we must be very careful not to accidentally introduce any type of parasite.

Frozen food

La daphnia, Artemia or Tubifex can be found as frozen food in specialized stores. They are the perfect substitute, If we can not provide live food. We must first unfreeze, and wait until it is at room temperature for introduction into the aquarium.

Pond fish food

So our fish are healthy and happy, food for pond fish should be adequate. We must also consider the amount of food they will need varies depending on the time of year. During the summer most active will be displayed and will need a greater amount of food, while in the winter its activity will drop enough (by the temperature) and we must provide them with fewer ...

Marine fish food

If you worry about your diet, ¿No should do the same for your pets? The best food for marine fish is the one that suits him according to their characteristics. further, like you, food for our aquarium fish should be proportional, depending on the amount and size of fish, we must add a greater or lesser amount, It is not appropriate for the food runs in the background ...

Artemia eggs. Create Artemias

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Best Flake Food for aquarium fish

Flake food for fish, It is the most classic format of all. But make no mistake, not all kind of fish food is served in this format, usually designed food for tropical fish or cold water fish. AquaClear sale Filtration System 30, a hundred and fifty (86) See offers PETACC Feeder Automatic Aquarium ... View Bids will be vipagran, the staple Made of ... See offers the article1 Index ...

Best Natural Food For Fish

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Best fish food Granules

Granulated food for fish is usually used in automatic dispensers, because no stalls easily, to the contrary it happens with food flaked. Not the only reason to use granulated food for intercessions, advantage I can also sign that leaves less waste water from the aquarium flakes, resulting in a much easier maintenance, The ...

ÀWhat eat fish?

We must be clear that The aquarium is very limited space, in which we can only hope to recreate the atmosphere of a fish puree released.

The limitations are all kinds, And while we are creating a controlled environment, where you will not have the typical surprises of his life in freedom, and the risks of having to face their natural predators, We're also generating different health risks, such as those produced by own water quality. It is therefore very important to combine living and dry food, dry food because it contains elements that balance the diet and keep them healthy.

  • live food, gelatin frozen: bloodworms, shrimp and small worms.
  • dry food. scales, cups, floating food, granules, tablets, or algas como espirulina, that bring fiber and protein.

Así­, on the market there are all kinds of food specifically designed to meet the needs of each type of fish, taking into account its own characteristics and eating habits released.

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Best Food For Tropical Fish

The health of our fish begins to provide a suitable environment to live. We worry about having the right aquarium, with the quality of the water right, ¿Por why we should not worry about their food? The tropical fish food is made thinking about the health of fish, with input suitable protein, fats and vitamins that would take in its natural state. logically, we want the best for our pets, Is not it so? These are the best foods for tropical fish: Comparison article1 the index of the best tropical fish food 20202 ¿Cuál is the best food ...

Best fish food Disco

Discus fish are very picky about their food. We are facing some American cichlids, that they are considered omnivores, although slightly carnivores. The Discus is quite delicate to keep in perfect condition, why fish food drive has to be quality and very balanced. My recommendation is to always use quality products, supplemented with live feeds, preferred artemia, daphnia and worms. If the can not really give nothing happens, because dry fish feed disc and incorporates foods high protein intake. AquaClear sale Filtration System 30, 150 (86)…

Best fish food Background

Food for groundfish: shoulders, corydorasâ € |están made to meet your needs: with large amounts of vegetables, spirulina and some with lots of wood fiber. For bullheads and catfish, formulations are rich in proteins that need carnivorous fish background. AquaClear sale Filtration System 30, 150 (86) See offers PETACC Feeder Automatic Aquarium ... View Bids will be vipagran, the staple Made of ... See offers the article1 Index Best Foods for groundfish in the 20202 Tablets and tablets for fish food fondo3 Other options for peces4 You may be interested ......

Best fish food Agua Fria

Cold water fish, como son Koi carp, los goldfish, fish telescopioâ € |son quite easy to maintain and have a voracious appetite. Although they eat almost everything, must provide food for cold water fish specially formulated for them, maintaining the health of your digestive system and its good looks common. You can choose all kinds of preparation: flakes, granulates, sticks flotantes, prepared by the best brands of fish feed. Article1 index the Best Foods for cold water fish of the 20202 ÀWhat types of food for cold water fish there?3 Advantage…

The best food for young fish

One aspect that sometimes neglected in the aquarium, is food for fry newborns. Fry can not eat the same food as adults. The reasons are obvious by its size, but we must also take into account the fry need a diet rich in proteins, to facilitate their development. The index article1 The best foods to fry the 20202 Alevines3 artemias types of food to feed Raising the alevines4 Other food options peces5 You may be interested ... The best foods for fry of the 2020 Types of food…

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