coelenterates It is a group marine invertebrates very wide, among which are the anemones, hydration, jellyfish, anemones and corals. Many of them can be included in marine aquaria, but the most common are anemones and corals. It is less common than someone include anemones in a marine aquarium caseroâ € |pero possible. Some of these species have to be handled with care, Stinging off as many substances, what can cause irritation, especially in the most sensitive areas of the skin.


Install anemones in an aquarium that is properly equipped, It does not pose any problems. It is important to pay attention to the density of water, when regular water changes are made, because sudden changes can cause death by a strong variation of osmotic pressure. Also we pay special attention with what Marine fish the combined, and introduce some kind of natural predator, you'll end up with our once anemone. Anemone carpet Mertens Stichodactyla mertensii It is one of the anemones known as host, It maintains a great relationship with clownfish. It is a sea anemone with very short tentacles, arranged in very dense lines. In the aquarium seldom exceed the 30 a forty five centímetros, but liberty can have a diameter of one meter. They feed on a special shredded shrimp and fish meat.

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