The Callionímidos are Marine fish originating mostly from the archipelago of the Philippines. They are very curious about their appearance and coloration, often brilliant, with very garish colors. Of the two most representative species of this genus, Psychedelic Mandarin Fish and Fish, the second is the standard in aquariums and relatively easier to find for sale. Its size is relatively small, often live close to the seabed, where they find their foods preferred, mussels, tubifex, artemias and filamentous green algae. Although not easy to distinguish between males and females Callionímidos, in males first dorsal, It is higher than in females. Protráctil have an upper jaw.

Psychedelic fish

Synchiporus pictaratus He is originally from the Philippine Islands, where you can find free living near the seabed. They have a brownish green coloration characteristic, with ocelos (spots that simulate eyes) widths black color. They are very territorial fish, it is impossible to place two male specimens in the same aquarium, since the fights are to the death. In the aquarium you can feed them with Tubifex, fresh shrimp or lyophilized.

Mandarin fish

The magnificent Callionymus Equally, Callionímidos this variety comes from the Philippine Islands, where He lives in coastal reefs. They are very slippery and hard to catch. They distinguished by having a cylindrical body, lacking skin covered by a flaky. His mouth is clearly protráctil, provided with several rows of very fine teeth. It is quite obvious sexual dimorphism between males and females. Males are much brighter than females, also have a dorsal fin more elongated and are larger than females. They are very calm fish, In the aquarium we will always swimming near the substrate, where they find the food they need. They have very aggressive relationships between them, they are quite territorial, however they have no problem living with other species, as they tend to ignore.

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