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Water quality

The water in the aquarium is the elementary element for aquarium . Given this absolute truth, it is necessary the main characteristics of the water and how they can affect members of the Aquarium. All the fresh water that comes into our homes have a single source, rainwater. It may seem that this water is the most suitable for an aquarium for cleanliness apparent, but is not it, especially in large cities where there is a large air pollution and rainwater load all. Water keeps more stable and better quality characteristics, it is tap water faucet.

Composition water

Water It is the result of combining two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. The quality of water from the aquarium, and its chemical composition, They are fundamental to all living beings containing the aquarium. Care of fish and plants, we must pay special attention to the following characteristics: pH, hardness, conductance and resistance. We must know that you are, how they affect the aquarium and how we can control. In the marine aquarium, we must also pay attention to density water, usually it is containing 35 grams of salt per liter, although it depends on the seas to which we refer, for example in polar oceans, low density 30-33 grams liter, while in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, This increases density to 38-forty grams per liter.

Measure the pH of the water

The pH acronyms come from potential hydrogen. The acidity or alkalinity of the water is expressed by pH and varies between zero and 14, zero being maximum acidity and pH 14 means that this is a very alkaline water. the pH 7 It is neutral. Every week should measure the pH of the water in the aquarium, to determine the quality of the water. Freshwater fish require a pH between 6,5 Y 8,5, while Amazonian fish living in sewage prefer soft water, between 6 Y 7, East African species prefer a pH between 7,5 Y 8, in any case, in each of the chips aquarium fish, You have the Recommended pH parameters. To measure the pH of the most simple and practical aquarium, is using the colorimetric method. Several types of take a look at the market, more accurate and capable of measuring a wider range of the pH scale and others provide lower readings. Typically use a liquid solution, contained in a PH analysis kit. In this kit we find a color wheel and a reagent. For the pH of the aquarium, the coloration of the mixture of water and reagent compared, with color wheel.

Kits to test and measure the quality of water
In the market we will find all kinds of and test gauges water quality of the aquarium. Some are specific, to measure alkalinity of water (pH), the dureza calcareous (KH), hardness (dH), Nitrite levels (NO2), nitrates (NO3) and ammonia (NH3). In addition to tests designed to measure each of the parameters, there are a series of test kits used to measure all parameters. Its effectiveness varies from one model to another, It is the simplest strips, but less reliable.

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Measuring the hardness of the water

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The hardness of the water measures the amount in gross salts calcium and magnesium, water contained in the aquarium. There are several acronyms to express the hardness of the water, but you'll find most of the information are the German degrees, dH. The dH is measured in milligrams, Y It tells us the amount of gross sales dissolved per liter of water. It is higher the dH, harder or alkaline water. Hard water will have a high pH, and soft water should be more acidic. We can measure the hardness of the water (dH), through a method using colorimetric reagents, for hardness of water according to a color dye their or other.

Dureza calcareous from carbonates

Nearly all waters contain bicarbonates, They measured in degrees KH. The presence of bicarbonates influence on the regulation of the pH, and consequently, health and development of organisms living in the aquarium. A KH value between 5 ° and 18 ° is recommended for most freshwater fish, while the African Great Lakes fish, They carbonated need higher hardnesses, and marine fish need KH values ​​that are between 15 and 18º.

Conductivity and Resistivity of Water

The conductivity and resistivity of the water It is based on the principle of passing electric current between two electrodes, and to determine the mineralization of water. Hard water more easily transmit electrical current, it contains a high concentration of minerals. Resistance is exactly the inverse measure, one hard and highly mineralized water, It has a very low resistance, so that the flow easily from one electrode to another. In the case of sea water. We can meet these parameters, putting us in contact with the water service in our town.

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