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beard Tigre

  • Scientific name: Puntius Tetrazona, Barbus Tetrazona
  • Common name: beard Tigre, Beard of Bandas, Beard of Sumatra, Barbo Tetrazona
  • Size of the aquarium: one hundred litros
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Temperature: 23ºC a 28ºC
  • pH: 6,5 Y 7
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: 7 cms.


The Barbo Tigre, also known by its Latin scientific name, Puntius Tetrazona, is a I cyprinid muy fashionable, You can the most traded of all the Barbus from the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. The reason is quite simple, is a fish very strong and with a colorful pretty intense, It is offering a great eye candy in a community tank. However all is not fantastic, They are very active fish and swim fast, that can bother others and nibbling much slower fish.


They are fish that in its adult state do not exceed 7 centimeters long.Show a laterally flattened morphology, It is wider at its center: romboides.

beard tigre, gold variety

The species is the most commercialized color pink, with four vertical stripes of black color, with the dorsal fin also in black color and a flange somewhat paler. The pelvic fins are black in its central part, transparent at the base of the fin at its end. In addition to traditional species also you may find other variants, Tigre albino as Barbo, green or green moss and Barbo Golden Tiger. Other varieties are available, such as marble or black coral. Some of these colorations are achieved by injecting colored dyes, that they cause premature death of the animal. This is a very merciless practice, from here we disapprove and reject completely.

sexual dimorphism

Barbo is difficult to distinguish the male from the female tiger. The most obvious difference, is that the male is more slender, small and thin, with a color more intense than the female. It seems that part of the front of the head of males, in the original color, It is more orange than in females.

Distribution and habitat

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The Barbo Tigre It is endemic to the island of Sumatra, although there are records of sightings on the island of Borneo. Currently you can find in other locations of the globe, as Singapore, Australia, United States or Colombia, but its origin is not natural, They are the product of free individuals in the wild. Pure habitat are rivers and streams, with clear water, substrate area and rocks, preferably with abundant vegetation.

Aquarium conditions

We need a Aquarium of about one hundred liters, to keep a small shoal of between 6 Y 10 copies, so do not bother too much to other species. Aquariums preferred substrate area or pebbles dark shades, with good clearances for swimming, but also with cavities suitable for hiding. They are fish that They consume large amounts of oxygen because of its constant and frenetic activity, so The aquarium should have a good filter system and oxygenation. Water quality must be maintained in the following parameters:

  • Temperature between 23 ° C and 28 ° C
  • pH 6,5 a 7
  • DH inferior to 10º


The tiger barb is omnivorous, consume all: dry food, frozen, COPOSA € |pero certainly what he likes are the small live prey, so we can provide Artemia reared by ourselves. It seems they are always hungry, so you have to feed them at the least twice a day. Although we can feed indefinitely with dry foods prepared, so perfect is to give them a shot of dry food, and other live food or puree: artemias, dafnias, tubifex, bloodworms or frozen foods.

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Behavior and compatibility

They are constantly moving fish, They are very active and excellent swimmers. Sometimes persecutes the most peaceful species and nibbling the fins, especially when there is excess fish in the aquarium and space is limited. This aggressive attitude is minimized if we raise them in groups 6 a 10 individuals. There is a splendid companion for shy or slow species, but You can raise them with other similarly sized cyprinids fish and those who do not share space. For example, fish could live with Tetras and the Cobítidos, They are occupying a different space of the aquarium.

Shoal of Barba Tigre


Not too difficult to get Barbo play the Tiger in the aquarium, provided that we provide the right conditions. The ideal temperature to favor the reproduction is in the environment of 27 ° C, The aquarium should be roomy, well stocked plants and protection grid for eggs that end up at the bottom. Usually they put between 100 Y 400 eggs, that they are deposited in the vegetation. Once spawning occurs and eggs have been fertilized, adults must be removed copies, to avoid eating eggs. Hatching occurs at 36 hours. The fry have food stocks in their yolk sac. Once reabsorbed, should start feeding baby brine shrimp, infusorians and Suitable foods for fry.

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Barbo El Tigre

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