▷ AQUACLEAR 20, 30, 50 Y 70 【 Evaluation Filtros AquaClear Mochila 】

▷ AQUACLEAR 20, 30, 50 Y 70 【 Evaluation Filtros AquaClear Mochila 】

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Better Filters AquaClear

The AquaClear bag filters They are of the best selling of this type, for its effectiveness and great value, highlighting the sales of the AquaClear 20, that its filtering capacity, versatility and accessories available, fit most popular aquariums at this time.

filter range AquaClear

The range filter bag AquaClear four filters comprises, to meet the needs of aquariums 76 liters, until 265 liters. The characteristics of each of the filters are:

specifications AquaClear 20


Filtro AquaClear 20

152 reviews

Filtro AquaClear 20

  • Size of the aquarium: until 76 liters.
  • Caudal: regulable, de a hundred twenty five litros/hora a 378 liters / hour
  • Power: 6 W
  • Dimensions: 12.5 cm long x 10 cm deep x 15 cm high

specifications AquaClear 30


Filtro AquaClear 30

86 reviews

Filtro AquaClear 30

  • Size of the aquarium: until 114 liters.
  • Caudal: regulable, de one hundred ninety litros/hora a 568 liters / hour
  • Power: 6 W
  • Dimensions: 14.5 cm long x 10 cm deep x 15 cm high

specifications AquaClear 50

Filtro AquaClear 50

34 reviews

Filtro AquaClear 50

  • Size of the aquarium: hasta one hundred ninety litros.
  • Caudal: regulable, from 250 liters / hour 757 liters / hour
  • Power: 6 W
  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm long x 10.5 cm deep x 15 cm high

specifications AquaClear 70


Filtro AquaClear 70

10 reviews

Filtro AquaClear 70

  • Size of the aquarium: until 265 liters.
  • Caudal: regulable, from 380 liters / hour 1.135 liters / hour
  • Power: 6 W
  • Dimensions: 21 cm long x 15.5 cm deep x 20 cm high

Technical characteristics of the range of filters AquaClear 20, 30, 50 Y 70

The filters range AquaClear, They have a number of technical aspects, that they make them very efficient, compared to other bag filters from other manufacturers. I think that the most interesting points, on bag filters are AquaClear:

Flow control

AquaClear bag filters, They have a patented system for management of the flow of water filtered from the aquarium. With this unique and exclusive system AquaClear an optimal environment is achieved in the aquarium, when fish need less water movement, or when you are feeding them. Flow control, reduces to a 66% the maximum inflow of water to the aquarium, while the engine is running without any problems, as it pumps continuously.

Refiltered system

Without any impact on the efficiency of the filtration process, AquaClear bag filters when cut back the flow activated grid refiltered. This system requires re-circulate the water within the filter, maximizing the performance of mechanical and biological material within the filter, can process up to the 50% of water is within the chambers of the filter several times, obtaining exceptional quality water.


The design of the filter is considered the most efficient by amateur aquarists. The water inside the filter flows from bottom to top, forcing passing through different filter media, to efficiency filtering. Although the size is not too large, the space dedicated to the filter loads, It is greater than in most filter segment. The filter space dedicated to the chemical load, It can be replaced at any time, for bioburden greater or increasing the presence of biological filtering materials as foamex or perlon, achieving greater efficiency and clean water.

filter media, types of filter

AquaClear filters are designed for mechanical filtration, Chemical and Biological.

  • mechanical filtration. Foamex use, allowing trap particles and waste, helping to maintain the biological balance of the aquarium.
  • chemical filtration. Activated carbon used cut back bad odors and impurities.
  • biofilter, BioMax. The BioMax filters favor the appearance of nitrifying bacteria, reducing the presence of ammonia and nitrites.

Manufacturer's guarantee

Ghostwriting Hagen (Germany), manufactured and marketed different brands of filters, aquariums and all kinds of materials for acuariofilia. The quality of products is guaranteed by the firm, until 2 years against manufacturing defects.

reviews AquaClear 20, 30…

AquaClear filters the series have very good reviews by the Buyers of this product on Amazon, obtaining a score of four.5 on 5, In most cases. There are different aspects that concern us all users, I think properly and are clarified with the views of buyers.

AquaClear 20 noise

Most users say that the noise made by the AquaClear 20 It is rather low, even being relaxing when water breaks against the filter of the aquarium. Within the opinions of buyers, They recognize that the engine makes very little noise to be an external filter backpack.

Filtering capability

Filters the AquaClear range all come standard filter materials to begin cleaning the aquarium: mechanical load, biological and químicaâ € |que can be exchanged and customize. Most users are using it in aquariums less than 75 liters, noting that It works so efficiently, providing great cleaning aquarium.

AquaClear 20 price

The value is also distinguished as very good, compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Some users recommend hundred x 100.

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