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Mertens Carpet Anemone

  • Scientific name: Stichodactyla mertensii
  • Common name: Anemone carpet Mertens, Sea anemone
  • Size of the aquarium: 400 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 26º and 27º
  • pH: Above 8
  • Diet: Carnivora
  • Length: Between 30 a 45 centimeters in diameter


The Mertens carpet anemone or Stichodactyla mentensii, It is a sea anemone. Also formerly was called Giganteum Stoichactus. This variety of anemones, is that They have a mutualistic relationship with other animals, in this case with several fish in the species clown, some olds, shrimp and also hosts a porcelain crabs. Despite the stinging anemone and secretes poisonous substances for other species, clownfish are not affected by them, Y They have a coexistence relationship, Anemone in which keeps away potential predators of the clownfish and they in turn, Anemone kept clean, tentacles even eat those who die.


Anemone carpet Mertens, It is among the largest anemones. You can measure between 1 meter and meter and a half. Anemone body is cylindrical in shape, a base end foot functioning as, and its apical end is corrugated (never flat) and in the center is the mouth of the anemone. Blunt tentacles are not sticky, while warts under Anemone, Yes they are, and help keep adhered to the substrate. The tentacles have a uniform size, between one and two centimeters, and they are provided with neurotoxinas paralizantes, It is using a mechanism to prevent being attacked by predators, but also as an aid to their gastric system, and that some of the immobilizing their prey, it is easier to ingest. Chromatic take different forms and varieties, depending on the sea of ​​origin. In the most common shade, tentacles are yellow or green shade, and the column is brown coloration clear.

Distribution and habitat

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Las Anemonas Stichodactyla mertensii They can be found in à ?? ndico and Pacific Oceans, East Africa, Indonesia, Ryukyu islands in Japan and Australia, in The great coral barrier. Its natural environment includes depths between 1 Y 30 meters from moderate currents, rocky bottom and / or hard substrates, where you can easily join.

Aquarium conditions

Because of its large size, They need an aquarium of at least four liters the hundred. The temperature should be maintained between 26 and 27, a pH higher than eight and a density of 1.025. They are not easy species to keep, It is recommended that the aquarium leads running at the least 12 months, with high illumination.


In the natural habitat, anemones eat zooplankton, and fish they catch with their tentacles. Also they contain symbiotic algae, called zooxanthellae, that the photosynthesis (so they need strong lighting), produce oxygen and sugars that are also used by Anemone. In the aquarium, They feed mainly of special preparations, based on prawns and fish meat.

Behavior and compatibility

evidently, Anemone carpet Mertens It has no problem with other fish, except those that may be very small and end up being part of your diet. Must avoid fish that can attack, like angelfish and some other wrasses. And of course, It takes great with clownfish or damselfish.


anemones They can be played in two ways, either by division, in this case the animal is halved his mouth and two identical copies are generated or by sexual glands, in the aquarium it is more difficult. In this case, the specimen is another of the opposite sex. one planula is generated ciliated, to develop a pedal drive and will become a new anemone.


Although it is assumed in the aquarium that does not grow beyond 30 a forty five centímetros, It may be the case that grow much more. It is proportional necessary correct size aquarium, so that they can develop properly. Must avoid treatments with copper sulfate, that they are fatal to anemones. We must also pay particular attention to changes in osmotic pressure. A change too abrupt density water, could cause death.

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