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  • Scientific name: Ancistrus dolichopterus
    Ancistrus Starlight
  • Common name: Ancistrus, Ancistrus speckle, Ancistrus snowflake
  • Size of the aquarium: one hundred fifty litros
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 23 and 27 ° C
  • pH: Among 5.eight and 7.8
  • Diet: Vegetarian, omnivorous
  • Length: 15 cms


The Ancistrus dolichopterus, It is also known by other names, how Ancistrus speckle, Ancistrus snowflake or bearded snout catfish. Is about a fish of the family Loricáridos, fish very quiet and can share space with many different species of fish, even those bigger than them. Traditionally, They are usually included Loricariid (and bushymouth catfish) for the maintenance of the aquarium, because they are very effective in keeping the algae at bay. That does not mean we do not have to perform any maintenance, or cleaning the aquarium.


El Ancistrus dolichopterus presents the typical morphology of Loricariid, crushed and barbels. His body is flattened ventrally, because they live in permanent contact with the ground. Suctora mouth have less available, to better feed the funds where they usually live, giving it the name of fish Chupón. The eyes are arranged laterally. Its appearance is a little disturbing, but it is only facade, because they are very calm fish.

Size of the Ancistrus

They are fish that can measure a 15 centimeters male specimens, and ones 10 centimeters females of the Ancistrus.

Coloration of the bushymouth catfish

They have a dark coloration, brown to black with small white polka dots large color, evenly distributed throughout the body. The points are highly visible and are present in younger individuals, but as they age they are losing the progressively, situation is more evident in males. The dorsal and caudal fins have a white trim, which gradually disappears, aging of individuals.

Differences between male and female, sexual dimorphism

It is easy to differentiate males from females Ancistrus dolihopterus, because these have a barbels at the front of the head, while females lack them and if they were to have any, will be small. Males also tend to be larger than females.

Ancistrus sp, varieties

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On sale you are getting a variety of Ancistrus. Each of these varieties or sub-species has its own peculiarities, so I suggest you do a little research first, to see which variety is best suited to the parameters of your aquarium, o…porqué no, which one do you like the most.

Ancistrus gold L144, Ancistrus Albino o Ancistrus dorado

The shape of the body is identical to any other Ancistrus, the difference is in coloration, yellowish coloration, pinkish. Over her body can be appreciated irregular points or lines, depending on the lighting may vary from tone. The background color can vary depending on the mood of the fish. His eyes are usually red. this copy we can find it under the name Ancistrus Ancistrus gold or albino. Many species of Ancistrus possess a variant veil, as the Ancistrus gold veil. The difference is that its fins, caudal, dorsal, ventral and anal they are much longer, I give the feel of a  "veil".

Ancistrus Super red

Is about a variety of orange coloring Ancistrus, throwing red. The male has appendages on the head, that give the feeling of being horns, while females have only thin tentacles. They are very little for sale, and those who see are bred in captivity for sale.

Ancistrus L183 Starlight

They have a body completely black, dotted with white spots, reminiscent of a starry sky, hence the nickname Starlight. The dorsal and caudal have a white border snowy.

Distribution and habitat

There is some confusion as to the geographical distribution of this fish, due to incorrect identifications. as valid, It is often said to come from the Black River (Amazon) in Brazil, although in some publications states that have a wider distribution and can be found in Guyana. What we are sure of it is habitat. Flows like river rapids, with clear waters and lush vegetation.

Aquarium conditions

The size of the aquarium depends on some of the copies that we will introduce, but we can establish that an aquarium from eighty liters would be nice, and should ideally have a 150 liters, especially if we want to have more than one male.

planted aquarium

The aquarium should be well planted, enough places where you can hide, as it tends to hide during the day. They appreciate, let's pretend that in aquarium water streams whence. The substrate should be sandy with a good amount of roots. If we do not introduce many plants, lighting must be ténue. Although considered cleaner, since they usually keep algae at bay, They are intolerant to the accumulation of organic waste, from very clean waters.

Water parameters

The temperature of the aquarium Ancistrus must be perfect, As to the other parameters of the aquarium and water quality. That our fish is perfect, These optimum levels of water:

  • Temperature: 23ºC a 27ºC
  • pH: 5.8 a 7.8
  • gH: 2º a 10º


If you can find that are omnivores, because they can get to feed on insects, Really their food is vegetarian-omnivorous. Typically they consume algae and green lettuce leaves, We owe that provide well washed. Too They can feed on other vegetables, as zucchini, cucumber, green peas, even fresh fruit. A varied diet, should include some dry food you can get to the bottom, frozen as Daphnia, bloodworms, prawns, camaronesâ € | It is known that free, usually gnaw logs, it is interesting to provide some wood that can chew. It seems they do for cellulose provided. If you are well fed, They will not bite plants, but they lack the sufficient supply plant, They can gnaw broadleaf plants.

Behavior and compatibility

It is very quiet, You can share aquarium with different fish species. Males can show territorial (and aggressive) each, and similar species in size and coloration. Therefore, If the aquarium is less than 80 liters, only must have a male and if it is greater, You can add some more, provided that provide them enough hideouts. It's kind of nocturnal, during the day or with lights, we will not see too much activity.


Dolichopteurs successfully reproduce in an aquarium Ancistrus, It requires some knowledge, although if possible. To encourage spawning, Aquarium parameters should be adjusted a pH between 6,5 Y 7, with a temperature of 27 ° C and a hardness of the water between four and 10 ° dGH. The female lays eggs in the bottom of the aquarium, the tangle of roots. Then, It is the male that is responsible for starting and monitoring abanicar, expelled from the territory female. After a few 5 days, the eggs hatch. When the fry hatch from eggs, retain the yolk sac reserves, but they will be depleted in about two weeks, from which you should start feeding them vegetable leaves crushed.


It is a relatively simple kind of care, It does not offer too many problems for the amateur beginner aquariums. Live well in a community tank, in which you can share space with several copies of the same species, with careful not to enter more than one or two males, depending on the size of the aquarium. Although they adapted quite well to the composition of the water, thank frequent renewal of water from the aquarium.

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