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Best fish food Agua Fria

Cold water fish, as are the Koi carp, the goldfish, fish telescopeâ € |son quite easy to maintain and have a voracious appetite. Although they eat almost everything, must provide food for cold water fish specially formulated for them, maintaining the health of your digestive system and good normal appearance. You can choose all kinds of preparation: flakes, granulates, sticks flotantes, prepared by the best brands of fish feed.

The best food for cold water fish of the 2020

Proper nutrition remains good tone health, ensuring quality of life. In our store brands you are getting greater recognition and prestige, how Tetra, Sera o Fluval, specialize in creating food products for fish, a quality beyond all doubt.

ÀWhat types of food for cold water fish there?

If anything characterizes most cold water fish, is its voracious appetite. Not usually make distinctions, are omnivores and eat everything. A being so easy to feed, we may be tempted to feed them with any food. We must not fall into this horrible mistake. The cold water fish They need a varied and balanced diet, with the right amount of plant foods and minerals. This ratio can be found in different foods for cold water fish pellets, flakes, the glasses floating sticks, enriched Spirulina and other elements, We thought to whet your appetite and keep their showy coloration.

Advantages and disadvantages of different presentations

It is possible that before the various presentations, not know that food choice, which is the one that best suits your fish. Sometimes you have to keep trying different presentations and formulations, until we found the right food. Each of the presentations has its virtues and drawbacks:

pelleted feed

Granular foods They have the great advantage that leave little residue in water, one of the biggest problems that we face in raising cold-water fish, but as a major drawback, greater weight makes them quickly reach the bottom and not all fish get the most out of these foods.

Flakes and flake food

Most cold water fish are predators. often they eat prey alive that they are on the surface of the water. The flakes and the flakes stay long in the surface, Like the prey which often attack fish that Friaa water € |por usually they eat very well. The disadvantage, that dissolve quickly and are not eaten by fish, just at the bottom of the aquarium and pose more maintenance cleaning. If in addition to cold-water fish, tropical fish fry, you come to visit our section tropical fish food, disk or fish fry. Soon we will have automatic fish feeders, programing feeding your fish, so you do not overeat, or less, the perfect complement to your aquarium if you have to be away from home a few days.

Other fish feed options

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