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Best Natural Food For Fish

The Pure fish food food is, they would find fish if they were in their original habitat. How is quite difficult for us to find live food fish, and ademásâ € |mantenerlos living for a while at home, the best option is freeze-dried foods: artemias, bloodworms, tubifex, plankton, algasâ € | The option is to raise our own live food. If you're interested, I recommend you use artemias, their breeding is relatively simple.

The best natural food for fish

Use natural fish food

Natural foods They have the great advantage of not possessing dyes, or preservatives, definitely, They have nothing to fish could not find if they were released. Although using natural products could become a complete diet, the best is use these foods to supplement those who take cups, granules O tablets, as they usually contain products that help them maintain their health.

Among the various natural products, you'll find artemias lyophilized, red mosquito larvae, krill, algasâ € |a variety of products you can offer your fish whole quality assurance. The most ordinary presentation of these products is lyophilization, a drying treatment that guarantees that the possible loss of nutrients and vitamins is minimal, preserving its nutritional value. Complements feeding your aquarium fish with natural food, thanks to the wide range of products selected from the best brands in the market: JBL, Tetra, Seraâ € |

living artemias

Si decides breeding started in artemias, to provide natural living food your fish aquarium, There are a number of kits available, that will surely be to your liking and widely cover your expectations:

Artemia breeding live fish, es bastante well-liked, although obviously, It requires greater involvement. I personally find it more comfortable to use freeze-dried foods.

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