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ÀWhat Eat Dogs?

Typically, we feed our pet with commercial feed, which often does not have the desirable quality. It seems that the creators of some feed never have wondered eating dogs, to make their recipes feed according to their tastes and needs. Fortunately, the best brands of dog food, produce excellent quality products, they bring to our pets all the nutrients they need. Dogs because they have a diet based only and exclusively feed, They can give you many other foods that help improve your health, its vitality and strength.

Food they can eat dogs

Dogs for their ancestral home They are basically carnivores, although their digestive system allows them to eat almost anything. Some foods should be eaten sparingly the, and others are prohibited from doing them harm or benefit them at all.

Come up with a list of foods yes, You can eat dogs:


The dogs diet should be rich in proteins of animal origin, so lean meats are very appropriate. The feel is that best: veal, chicken, pork, Turkey, rabbit or horse.


A complete diet should include viscera, why they provide fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Viscera intake should be moderate. In the dieta BARF viscera intake varies on 15% of the complete what your dog eats in a day. It may be liver (source of vitamin A), chicken gizzards, € corazónâ |


Fish You can be part of your dog's diet without any problems. It is ideally suited to use blue fish (Salmon, herring), which are those that will provide all the protein need and fatty acids useful: Omega 3, Omega 6â € |


Dogs can and They should eat eggs no problem, it's more, in many biologically appropriate diets, eggs are included, for his large supply of good quality protein.

Animal fat

The animal fats and to a lesser extent of plant origin, They should also be part of your diet. Among animal fats they are lard, in the skin of the chicken we also find good concentrations of fat. Vegetable is olive oil or coconut.


Dogs They can eat carbohydrates. We find them in bread, the potatoes, rice, Pasta, oats and all cereals. Consumption of carbohydrates is quite controversial in feeding dogs. In feed that promote a biological diet, Hydrates are not present. The reason is that wild state, dogs do not eat and do not eat any type of hydrate. If your dog has a tendency to obesity, You should prevent eating and also look for feed not included. Some manufacturers of feed for dogs, considered good, instead of using normal cereals, used whole grains, which provide less amount of sugars and fibers.


The bones if part of the diet unique dogs, but they should be raw and appropriate for the size do not cause digestive problems.

Dairy products: yoghurts and milk

While your dog is not lactose intolerant, You can take yogurt or cheese. Milk is good for dogs, always in moderation, foods that are not to be part of their main diet.

What fruits can eat dogs

Although not herbivores (like rabbits), there is fruits and vegetables that can be eaten without any problem dogs. Among the most common fruits that we can eat dogs:

  • The banana, that dogs can eat without any problems. Do not give shell.
  • the pear, but without seeds.
  • Dogs Apple can eat in moderation, but also it removes the core and seeds.
  • Melon and watermelon, peeled and seeded. With moderation.
  • Berries: you have to, blackberries and raspberries. currants not, they are dangerous.
  • Kiwi
  • oranges, peeled and seeded.
  • Dogs can eat strawberries in moderation.

That dogs can eat vegetables

Some include potatoes among the vegetables you can eat dogs, but I'm still looking for someone considered to be a potato verduraâ € |en order, These are some of the vegetables you can include in your dog's diet:

  • Asparagus
  • Coles: Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Mushrooms and fungi in moderation. If we walk in the countryside, We must be careful that any dangerous mushroom can not eat, or better, not eat any.
  • carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Green peas
  • Green beans
  • Spinach
  • pumpkin

Foods they can not eat dogs

Between the foods that are harmful to dogs, we could distinguish between foods should not eat dogs and those who are directly dangerous for them. I think it has become clear that some of the foods that are given to dogs, as potatoes and cereals, They should be given in moderation because they can provoke overweight. No processed foods we eat, but should not be in your diet under any circumstances:

Vegetables, vegetables and fruits that can not eat dogs

We should not trust, there are foods that can appear that you do not cause problems to your dog, but it is only momentarily, eventually they can be quite harmful to your health. Among vegetables, vegetables and fruits that do not have to give your dog under any circumstances, we have:

  • Grapes and raisins. They are indigestible for dogs, your digestive system processes them no good and may cause kidney damage.
  • Onions, garlic and leeks. They are dangerous containing thiosulfate, destroying their red blood cells in anemia and derives. Other primary effects they cause are, lethargy, tachycardia, hyperventilation and pale gums. In severe cases may provoke respiratory collapse.
  • The bones of the cherries. Your dog you can give cherry pulp smoothly, but bone contains cyanide. You can imagine the result if swallowed.
  • currants. They have the same effect on the body grapes dogs.
  • green potatoes. Green potatoes are toxic, but not only for your dog, also for you. Tienen solanine, an alkaloid that causes vomiting, nausea and convulsions.
  • Rhubarb. It is a tuber that low calcium levels.
  • Green tomato, immature. Consumption of green tomatoes or tomato plant, will cause stomach pains.
  • Avocado. The avocado is indigestible to them and is toxic.

Other toxic foods for dogs

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In addition to fruits and vegetables harmful and toxic, there are other innocent enough food, which they are harmful to dogs:

  • Nuts and peanuts. Although dogs can eat some nuts, nuts causing them inflammation of the pancreas and other digestive problems. With peanut thing is complicated. Some claim that nothing happens, they can eat, in fact, There are prizes for dogs based on peanut butter, but peanuts frescosâ € |mejor not the des.
  • Chocolate and caffeine. Chocolate contains theobromine, which it is an alkaloid chemically related to caffeine. Dogs metabolise pretty bad. They should eat enough (according to the weight and size) to really provoke them to death, but does not feel right.
  • Beer, alcohol in general. I do not know whether or not explain. At the same alcohol it is not good (because that is not it) for us, not for our animals, also they metabolise them worse and can cause heart problems, metabólicaâ € |que acidosis can sometimes be fatal.

Dog Food

The feed or kibble for dogs (By its appearance) It is a way to feed your dog very comfortable. Many veterinary practitioners claim that dogs can eat only feed, although it may be a statement by the industry concerned, and to some extent rather cruel. In any case you do not have to cook for your dog, there is moist dog food, recipes that are already prepared, canned for your dog eat something that is not exclusively I think. If the primary diet of your dog is going to be I think, You have to know that inside there are different qualities feed. Premium feed are the most expensive, but they are also the best. Usually follow recipes where the main ingredient is human food they can eat dogs: meat or fish premium. Often these feeds continue recipes biologically appropriate, excluding carbohydrates, although fruits and vegetables.

As dogs have to eat

The amount of food your dog should eat a day, It has to do with many factors, among which are the size, the age and physical activity perform daily. If our dog is fed commercial feed, These are the right amounts according to their breed and size. If it is a very active dog, we must go to the highest portions:

  • Mini breed dogs For weighing between 2 Y 3 kg, the daily amount of feed 50gr and 90gr range from.
  • Small breeds Small breed dogs are adults weigh between three and 10 kg. Portions and 190gr 90gr range between.
  • Medium breed dogs They are dog breeds from 10 kg, until the 20 kg. The recommended ration is between 190gr and 310gr.
  • large breeds They are considered large breeds dogs weighing between 20 kg y forty kg. These dogs need to eat between 500gr and 590gr daily feed.
  • Giant breed dogs Adult dogs are beyond the 50 kg. These dogs should be eaten between 590gr and 800gr daily.

How often you have to eat dogs on

Once we clear the amounts of food, another question arises just as interesting ¿Cuántas sometimes have to eat dogs on? It is often adult dogs are given food once or twice a day, but it is not ideally suited as puppies. Depending on your age, the dog food should distribute well:

  • Dogs up to three months, They should eat four times a day.
  • Between three and 6 months, They should eat three times a day.
  • For dogs from 6 Y 14 months, two meals.
  • From the 14 months are considered adults and should eat 1 or twice a day.

Kind of food

Within feed, We have all kinds of meals. Since chow puppies, Adults feed, but also special diets, suitable for dogs with some kind of pathology: feed diabetic dogs, Sterilized dog tendency to gain weight, renal failure, heart, etc. To know they eat dogs depending on their age and physical condition, consult your veterinarian. I never think you provide a special diet without consulting.

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