Home »Aquarium» Aquarium UV lamp UV lamp UV lamp aquarium The aquarium, It is one of the most useful accessories that have appeared in recent years, to help us maintain the quality of water from fish tanks and aquarium tanks. Although not yet used massively, both amateur and professional start to give it the importance it deserves. Many manufacturers of filters for aquariums and incorporate into their filters, although it is not clear whether it is the best choice, since professionals do not agree on its use

BEST termocalentador Aquarian Aquarium Heater

Home »Aquarium» The Best Termocalentador Aquarius Aquarius The Best Termocalentador What is the best aquarium termocalentador? Heaters selection of the best aquarium aquarium heater is an essential element termocalenador, to get the right temperature in which our fish grow and develop in perfect condition. Remember that fish are cold-blooded animals. Tropical fish require water is at a certain temperature, to maintain their own body temperature. The temperature of the aquarium water can suffer variations in certain situations, such as environmental temperature or just,

▷ Pez Monja, Black tetra Guide 【】 And Care At Aquarium

Home »Hot Water Aquarium» Fish or Fish Monjita Monja Monja Fish or Fish Scientific name Monjita: Black tetra name Common: fish nun, pez monjita, black tetra, Black Widow size aquarium: forty a 80 liters Temperamento: peaceful, fast and awake Temperature: Between 20º 26ºC are pH: Neutral, 7 Diet: omnivores Length: Males up 7,5 cms. and females only 5 cms. Article Index 1 Description 2 Morphology 2.1 The nun fish coloring 2.2 Sexual dimorphism 3 Distribution and habitat 4 Aquarium conditions 5 Diet 6 Behavior and compatibility 7 Reproduction 8 Photos fish


Home »Plants for aquarium» The best fertilizer for aquarium plants the best fertilizer for aquarium plants Fertilizer plants aquarium, stimulate growth and health of our aquarium plants. You have the false sense that the remains of the own fish food and their droppings, They are enough to keep them in perfect condition. This statement is true, but only in part, there are nutrients that plants need and can not get through the Pure decomposition of the remains, as potassium sulfate, preventing

▷ BEST aquaria 10 LITROS 2020 【Comparison】

Home »Aquarium» Best Aquariums 10 Best liter aquariums 10 Buying Guide liter aquarium 10 Kits Best liter aquarium 10 Comparison Chart liter aquarium kits that you can put fish in an aquarium 10 Aquarium liters 10 liter Betta fish aquarium 10 gallons less, It is considered a nano aquarium. We could say that an aquarium 20 liter or less would be a nano acuarioâ € |aunque in between there are aquariums 5 liters, 10, 15â € | In any case we must understand that in an aquarium as

▷ BEST POND PUMP 2020 【】 & Comparative Guide

Home »Pond» Best Pond Pump Pump The Best Pond A pond pump, along with filters, They are two of the essential accessories to keep our garden pond in good condition. We must distinguish within different pond pumps, If what we want is a pump for feeding the biological filter or want a submersible pump water to create a fountain or waterfall. Article Index 1 Selection: Best pond pumps 2020 2 Guide: Pond pump to buy 3 Water pump biofilter 3.1 Caudal 3.1.1 Lost

▷ Cardinal Fish, Cardinal Tetra 【Care and Maintenance Guide】

Home »Agua Caliente Aquarium» Fish Cardinal, Cardinal Cardinal Tetra Fish, Cardinal Tetra Scientific Name: Cardinal tetra name Common: Cardinal fish, Cardinal Tetra aquarium size: 60 liters Temperamento: Temperature Pacific: 23PH a 27ºC ºC: four,6 a 7 Diet: omnivore Length: 5 cms. Article Index 1 Description 2 Morphology 3 Distribution and habitat 4 Aquarium conditions 5 Diet 6 Behavior and compatibility 7 Reproduction 8 El Pez Pez Description Cardinal Cardinal or Cardinal Tetra is a species of fish belonging to the family of the characids, so that is related to the

▷ Anubias Nana 【Features, Care Guide Aquarius】

Home »Plants for aquarium» Anubias Anubias Nana Nana Scientific name: Anubias Barteri, Nana variety name Common: Anubias Nana Temperature: Between 22ºC 28ºC are pH: Between 5.5 y eight.5 gH: Between 6th and 12th Difficulty level: Easy to care for Growth, height: You can reach 15 cms. Article Index 1 Description 2 Shape 3 Distribution and habitat 4 Reproduction 5 Subscriber 6 illumination 7 Tips 7.1 Clorosis 7.2 Attack by algae 8 Buy Anubias Nana 9 Photos of Nana Anubias Anubias Nana Description, They are aquatic plants of the family of Anubias, which in

▷ Marine Aquarium. Tips and Tricks for proper installation

Home »Aquarium» Aquarium Marine Aquarium Marine If you are thinking of setting up a marine aquarium, sure this guide will help you do it in the best conditions, committing fewer errors and your marine aquarium to function properly in the long run. There is a false impression that a marine aquarium is more difficult to maintain than freshwater aquarium. This is false, Anyone can have a marine aquarium, even without previous experience. Nor it will cost us a lot of time keep it in good condition, at least, not much longer than it would cost to maintain the